Horror short films to watch this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner so what better time to immerse yourself in spooky content than now? From Asian horror films to spooky podcasts, we’ve tackled almost everything you need to scare yourself this Halloween season. But if you’re not into long form horror, these options might be too much for you. 

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If you only want a bit of a scare, horror short films might do the trick. These bite-sized horror will give you good scare in ten minutes or less. They’re not all jump scares, but they will still leave you with an unsettled feeling. 


In the GUEST, a young woman goes through extreme measures to rid herself of a monster. Despite the minimal plot and dialogue, this short film will have you at the edge of your seat. 

Post Mortem Mary

Post Mortem Mary follows a young girl who needs to make the dead look alive for the camera. This short film ticks all the boxes for creepiness but the inclusion of post-mortem photography takes the cake. 

Vesuvius (Silent Terror)

Vesuvius hits a bit closer to home because of its religious themes. In it, a man’s listless life is changed when the Virgin Mary appears to him. This one’s proudly Filipino as it’s made by director Erik Matti. 

The Dollmaker

Creepy dolls will never fail to scare you in the horror genre. The Dollmaker tells the story of grieving couple who goes to a doll maker to preserve their son’s spirit. The end of this Pet Sematary-inspired short film will terrify you in more ways than one. 

The Pale Faced Lady

The Pale Faced Lady is based on the director’s own nightmares and is about a malevolent spirit in the shadows. The dark and foreboding atmosphere will have you tense from start to finish. 

Give yourself a good scare by watching these short films in the dark!

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