How Netflix gave “Patay Na Si Hesus” a second chance at life

In case you missed it, the critically-acclaimed 2016 dark comedy road trip film – “Patay Na Si Hesus” – is finally on Netflix. But it wasn’t an easy ride for the trailblazing film as it had to go through some bumps along the way to get the much-deserved attention it currently enjoys.

Despite its commendable storytelling and a dynamic ensemble of cast members led by Cannes Best Actress winner Jaclyn Jose, “Patay Na Si Hesus” did not fare well in the box office due to being pulled out in cinemas early on. In fact, only a few people had the opportunity to see the masterpiece director Victor Villanueva created for a new generation of Filipino audiences.

Thankfully, “Patay Na Si Hesus” got a second chance at life after streaming giant Netflix acquired the rights to have it shown in a much wider platform with a bigger, more diverse set of audiences.

Although the film made it to the Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino following its limited theatrical run in 2017, the kind of attention it received on Netflix is simply incomparable. It even made it to the list of Top 10 movies on Netflix Philippines. And since then, people couldn’t stop talking about it on social media. But “Patay Na Si Hesus” making it on Netflix alone marked a huge feat for non-Tagalog filmmakers to be in the same spotlight directors working for major film outlets in the country get to relish. After all, what better way to offer genuine storytelling than to tell one in the lens of a filmmaker who value the same shared experience. In the case of “Patay Na Si Hesus,” a filmmaker born and raised in the Visayan province.

More than the people working behind the camera getting a fair share of the spotlight, “Patay Na Si Hesus” becoming the first Cebuano film to make it on Netflix brings forth the importance of cultural diversity. Having used the native tongue of the people from the Queen City of the South as one of the major languages used in most of the scenes in the film, it offers more than just pride but representation. Yep, all while sending across a socio-political message and showcasing religious satire that is relatable even to non-Cebuano speaking audiences.  

Watch the trailer below:

“Patay Na Si Hesus” follows the story of a mother named Iyay (Jaclyn Jose) who go on a road trip from Cebu to Dumaguete together and her three sons – Jude (Chai Fonacier), Jay (Melde Montañez), and Hubert (Vincent Viado) – to visit the wake of the father of her three children.

If you plan to watch the film this weekend, here’s the link (you’re welcome):


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