“iCarly” Cast Says They Respect Jennette McCurdy’s Decision To Move On From Acting

As much as the “iCarly” cast wishes to have Jennette McCurdy back for the reboot with them, they say that they respect her decision to move on from acting and pursue other things.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miranda Cosgrove said that even though Jennette’s character Sam will not be present in the revival, she will always have a special place in Carly’s heart.

“The character Carly very much still loves Sam and always will. And we all really wanted Jennette to be a part of the show in real life but she’s just doing other things and we’re really happy for her,” she said.

The cast also said that since Sam is still part of the iCarly world, her absence will be addressed in the first episode of the reboot. “We talk a lot about the Sam character and where she is in the pilot episode,” Miranda said.

Jerry Trainor added that even though Sam will be mentioned in the show, not a lot of details will be given about her. “The pilot touches on it, [Sam’s whereabouts] will be addressed, but it’s not something that we go too deep into.”

“We want to respect Jennette’s wishes, you know, she’s decided to move on from acting and she’s doing great in her own world and we’re super proud of her. And she’s part of this family forever,” Jerry said.

The cast also said that if Jennette wants to drop by anytime, the elevator doors to the Shays’ apartment are always open for her.

“We want to be respectful of her and the decisions that we made so obviously no pressure, of course, whatever she wants to do. We love her, that’s all she needs to know,” Nathan Kress said.

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