Netflix has been a great quarantine companion, offering binge-watch-worthy original content. They’re constantly adding new movies and series to their library which keeps its users entertained for hours on end. It appears the streaming platform has been looking to expand its subscription services and is looking to develop “N-Plus”.

Is N-Plus the Future of Netflix?
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The Future of Netflix

Speculations about N-Plus began when Netflix sent out a survey to its users. The questions focused on content and features, according to Protocol. “N-Plus us a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love, and anything related to them.” It’s supposedly going to be a website where viewers can delve into their favorite shows.

Playlist Creation

One of the features users are expecting from N-Plus is the ability to create a playlist. This would make compiling your favorite episodes, series, or movies a lot easier. It would be cool if you could share them with other people, too. Other things they mentioned in the survey were podcasts, how-tos, and space for subscribers to interact. Perhaps another social media app, except it’s exclusive to Netflix content.

Third-Party Applications

While we wait for Netflix to officially announce their next move, we can still use services like Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). It’s a Chrome extension that allows you to simultaneously watch with a friend and includes a chat bar on the side so you can share commentary. Just make sure you have your own account in case your access gets cut off. They’re in the process of getting rid of password sharers, in case you haven’t heard.

There is no confirmation whether N-Plus is already in the works, but rumors spread fast. The fact that Netflix sent out a well-thought-out and detailed survey like that already has us getting our hopes up.


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