Madelaine Petsch To Star In The First-Ever Film From Creator+

The new studio and streaming platform Creator+ will release its debut feature next year.

The company, formed just early this year, was founded by Jonathan Shambroom, a Silicon Valley tech investor, and Benjamin Grubbs, the former global head of top creator partnerships at YouTube. The platform focuses on “digital-first storytellers and their audience who are hungry to support them.”

Debut feature

The startup is gearing up for its first-ever film, a psychological thriller entitled “Jane” which will premiere in 2022. The movie will be produced by Madelaine Petsch, who will also play the lead character named “Olivia.”

“Mental wellness and anxiety issues for young adults are more prevalent than ever,” Madelaine said. “Jane resonated with me because it grapples with the perils of these uncomfortable and often taboo topics.”

Joining Madelaine in the film are Grammy-nominated singer Chloe Bailey, Emmy Award-winning actress Melissa Leo, Ian Owens, Kerri Medders, Nina Bloomgarden, and Chloe Yu.

According to Deadline, the film will follow the story of a high school student experiencing grief after losing a friend and having her plans for college fall apart. 

“When Olivia gets deferred from her dream college, she begins to spiral and experiences a series of increasingly frightening panic attacks. In an attempt to regain some sense of control, she embarks on a social media-fueled rampage against those that stand in the way of her success. But as things escalate, she is forced to confront–and ultimately embrace–her darkest impulses, in order to get ahead.”

“Jane” will be helmed by Sabrina Jaglom, who also wrote the film alongside Rishi Rajani. Meanwhile, Debbie Liebling, Nick Phillips, and Adam Wescott will also serve as producers.

“Complicated female characters of this age are rarely featured at the center of their own stories, free of the whims of adults or their male counterparts. Furthermore, mental health concerns are so rarely taken seriously in young adults, particularly high functioning ones,” Sabrina said.

“I hope this film sparks conversations around these topics while treating the viewer to a dark, thrilling ride.”

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