Meet the New Characters of Netflix’s Money Heist Season 5

The beginning of the end is near. The first part of Money Heist season 5 is dropping this September and we couldn’t be more excited to see where the story will take us. After last season’s cliffhanger, I bet you are too. 

But while season 5 will answer your lingering questions from season 4, there are new stories and characters to be explored. 

Berlin’s son, Rafael, will finally be introduced. Played by Patrick Criado, 31-year-old Rafael is a computer engineer graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is determined on one thing: he does not want to be like his father.

Another character joining the mix is René, Tokyo’s ex-boyfriend and a “ghost from the past.” He’s the man Tokyo loved before she discovered that sometimes, things in her perfect little world can go terribly wrong. Played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, René’s appearance in this season will shed light on Tokyo’s backstory. 

José Manuel Seda is also joining the cast. His character, Sagasta, is a Commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army. With countless international missions under his belt, he is a born leader whom his men follow to the end. Analytical, cold and ruthless in mind, Sagasta is capable of going beyond any ethical or moral convention if the mission requires it.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1 premieres on Netflix on September 3. Get a sneak peek of the final season here:

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