Missing Park Bo-Gum from Record of Youth? Here are other K-dramas you can catch him in

Netflix’s Record of Youth has ended, and the open ending might’ve left us feeling empty and wanting more. While the show featured a lovely cast that made Record of Youth the drama that it is, it cannot be denied that Park Bo Gum was the star of the show. From episode 1 till 16, we followed his character’s journey in both career and relationships. 

Record of Youth will be his latest K-Drama for a while since he just enlisted in the military. However, there are other dramas you can find him in – and the ones you’ll find in this list are all highly rated.

Check these out if want to watch more Park Bo Gum!

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a nostalgic look into the lives of neighboring families. In this K-drama, Park Bo Gum plays an introverted genius Go player named Taek. Out of all the characters he has played, Taek is the one closest to his real-life personality. Both of them are well mannered, family-oriented, and were raised by only their fathers. 

Love in the Moonlight 


Set in 19th century Joseon Dynasty, Love in the Moonlight tells the story of a crown prince who falls in love with a woman disguised as a eunuch. Like his character in Record of Youth, Park Bo Gum starred in a historical drama that earned him an award. 


In Encounter, Park Bo Gum plays a much mature role compared to his previous dramas. Here he is partnered with Korea’s beloved Song Hye-Kyo, and their characters meet in Cuba. The two try to conquer their two different backgrounds in the name of love. 

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