Netflix celebrates La Casa de Papel: Part 5 by collaborating with Filipino artists

Netflix celebrates La Casa de Papel: Part 5 by collaborating with Filipino artists
( / Patrick Cabral)

If you’ve been on social media, you probably noticed that a lot of people are either raving about Part 5 of Netflix’s mega-hit series La Casa de Papel, otherwise known as Money Heist, or people have been begging others not to post spoilers about the show’s latest development.

To celebrate the final part of its worldwide hit, Netflix has partnered with Filipino artists to create artwork inspired by some of the most iconic imagery and moments from all four parts of the hit series. Basically, #LaCasaDePapelChallenge is a tribute to some of the greatest and most memorable moments of the show. Each artist was tapped to create paper artwork using their own signature style. 

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(Source: / Patrick Cabral)

Patrick Cabral’s creation was inspired by the Royal Mint of Spain because it’s the embodiment of the enemy. He said he likes the juxtaposition of something so powerful with something fragile like paper.

(Source: / John Ed De Vera)

John Ed De Vera’s artwork used the blimp, which was featured in Part 3 of the show. The red money coming out of the blimp forms the jumpsuit holding the blimp. The overall visual imagery is his personal homage to surrealism.

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(Source: / Mansy Abesamis)

Mansy Abesamis made two paper artworks. Abesamis chose the Dali mask with Bella Ciao lyrics because the battle cry unites and makes the group stronger as a unit. The second one is the Bank of Spain, which symbolizes the system.

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(Source: / Sarjit Singh)

Like Abesamis, Sarjit Singh decided to make two pieces. The first one is the Professor’s red origami bird, which has played a big role in the show from the very beginning. The second is Inspector Alicia Sierra’s teddy bear from Part 3, which she strategically used to take down Nairobi because it belonged to her son.

Every artwork is unique, and it will surely help fans get hyped as they tune in to Volume 1 of Part 5 of La Casa de Papel, which is now streaming on Netflix. La Casa De Papel: Part 5 Volume 2 streams on December 3.


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