Netflix Shows Everyone Binge Watched in Quarantine This 2020

Because of quarantine, we definitely spent more time watching shows on Netflix than usual this year. Thankfully, the streaming platform delivered dozens of binge-worthy series that made our time in isolation a little bit more bearable. From thrilling dramas to lighthearted comedies, here are just a few of the Netflix shows that the internet raved the most about this quarantine:

Tiger King

This docuseries lured viewers into the world of Joe Exotic and big cat conservationists in America. What seemed like an amusing feature of an eccentric zookeeper actually painted a bigger picture of interconnected accusations of animal abuse and murder. Whether they wanted to or not, audiences just couldn’t look away from all that chaos. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This childhood favorite made a huge comeback early in quarantine when everyone started binging it. Suddenly, both people discovering the show for the first time and longtime fans around the world couldn’t stop talking about and dissecting this Nickelodeon 00’s classic that was way ahead of its time when it came to discussions of war, spirituality, and family. 

Itaewon Class

This show is one of the most-watched K-dramas on Netflix this quarantine. Many people fell in love with the series for its complex characters, its riveting plot, and the vivid image it paints of Itaewon and its culture. The fact that it’s an adaptation of a rather popular webtoon didn’t hurt either.

Emily in Paris

People may be divided on whether they like this show, but either way, it was all over social media when it dropped. This series about an American marketing executive in Paris inspired tons of memes, debates about fashion and marketing, and discussions of culture both from earnest fans and those who enjoyed watching the delightfully cheesy series ironically.

Haunting of Bly Manor

After Haunting of Hill House’s success, it wasn’t a surprise that everyone spent their quarantine Halloweens binging Bly Manor. While many people agreed it wasn’t as strong as its predecessor, everyone still loved it enough to gush online about the series especially when it came to the tear-jerking emotional arcs of the characters.

Too Hot to Handle

Netflix has been producing its share of original reality shows, and one that really caught viewers’ eye this quarantine was Too Hot to Handle. The rules are simple: Don’t get physically involved with other contestants and you get the money. However, this series trended because of everyone hate-watching it and complaining about contestants with zero impulse control. 


While Community wasn’t a super popular show during its run, when it hit Netflix in the middle of lockdown, the sitcom was all people could talk about. This offbeat but ultimately hilarious show won the hearts of viewers this quarantine with the antics of the Greendale high students despite it being 5 years since it ended.

Queen’s Gambit

The most recent show that has taken the internet by storm follows the life of chess prodigy Beth Harmon. From the compelling chess sequences to the gripping characters, it’s no wonder why it’s what everyone’s been talking about lately. There has even been a boom in chess’ popularity around the world just because of everyone’s love for the series.

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