Netflix unveils first concept art for live-action ‘Gundam’ film

The live-action adaptation looks metal AF!

Netflix unveils first concept art for live-action 'Gundam' film

Loyal Gundam fans have finally been graced with a first-ever look at the live-action film adaptation, care of Netflix.

The first concept art for the joint project between Sunrise Origin Studio and Legendary Pictures was previewed during the recent Netflix Festival Japan 2021 event, and it looks rightfully metal!

The novel image shows what appears to be a familiar silhouette of the series’ original flagship mobile suit, the RX-78-2 Gundam, coming into sight through a wall of searing flames.

Gundam Movie

By the looks of it, the upcoming movie will feature fairly faithful recreations of the anime’s iconic mecha design with only minimal revamps from the original series which first came out more than 40 years ago.

Story-wise, the concept art suggests that it will be based on the original Universal Century arc, although director Jordan Vogt-Roberts also said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the film “may be an amalgamation of several of these different things, different timelines and what not.”

“My goal is to for all of the people who might say, ‘I don’t know where to start [with Gundam],’ I want to create this film and give them an access point where you can say, ‘This is where you start. This is your entry point,’” said Vogt-Roberts.

It was earlier this year when Netflix announced that it acquired the worldwide rights for the live-action adaptation of Gundam, an initiative that was reportedly in development for years. 

The forthcoming film which has yet to get a title from Netflix is helmed by Vogt-Roberts who also directed Kong: Skull Island and will also oversee the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. It will be from a script written by comic book author Brian K. Vaughan, who is best known for his work on Y: The Last Man and the critically acclaimed sci-fi series Saga. He will also serve as executive producer alongside Makoto Asanuma, Managing Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

anime series like gundam wing
(Image: Sunshine Origin Studio)

Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise, Gundam is a Japanese military fiction mecha franchise that started in 1979 with the television series, Mobile Suit Gundam. 40 years later, the popularity of the series and its merchandise spawned a franchise that includes 50 TV series, films, and OVAs as well as manga, novels, and video games, along with a whole industry of plastic model kits known as Gunpla which makes up 90 percent of the Japanese character plastic-model market.

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