Petition to Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman Sequel Surpasses 1.6 Million Signatures

As of November 2, 2020, the online petition to DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. for the removal of Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 has gotten over 1.6 million signatures from supporters around the world. 

The petition has gained traction especially from the recent news that Johnny Depp, Heard’s ex-husband, lost a libel lawsuit against The Sun, a tabloid that had referred to Depp as a ‘wife beater’ following Heard’s claims that he was physically abusive during their marriage. This was then followed by Depp’s forced resignation from his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise.

Johnny Depp Gets Full Salary for Fantastic Beasts 3 After Resigning |  IndieWire

It’s hard to keep up with the Depp-Heard controversy because it has been going on since Heard first made the allegations back in 2016. Over the course of the past four years, the public has heard a series of conflicting statements from both camps, including ones from Depp that claim Heard was the physically abusive and manipulative one in their marriage. 

The Fate of Heard’s Aquaman Role

Because of the claims against Heard, those who support Depp have been clamoring for Warner Bros., which is both the parent company of DC Entertainment and the studio that asked Depp to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise, to fire Heard from the Aquaman sequel.

Johnny Depp Fans Are Pushing Hard To Get Amber Heard Fired From Aquaman 2 -  CINEMABLEND

Amber Heard played Mera in the first Aquaman movie which premiered last 2018. There are yet to be any official announcements on when the sequel is going to start production or regarding the official cast. However, Heard seems set to return as Mera despite speculations surrounding her role and claims that she is likely to be replaced that started circulating amid the backlash regarding Depp’s resignation from Fantastic Beasts.

When asked about the rumors, Heard responded, “I’m super excited about the amount of fan love and the amount of fan appreciation that Aquaman has acquired and that it has garnered so much excitement for Aquaman and Mera that it means we’ll be coming back.” She added that casting decisions aren’t dictated by “paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media” that have “no basis in reality.”

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