Pixar’s First LGBTQ+ Short Film “Out” is Now Available on YouTube

With Disney making its place in the world of streaming, you won’t be able to find their content, including their short films, anywhere else online other than Disney+. This Pride Month, though, they decided to make one of their shorts available to everyone. Now, you can watch “Out,” the first Disney short featuring a main character from the LGBTQ+ community, for free on YouTube. 

“Out” is a nine-minute-long short film about a gay man, Greg, who is in a happy relationship with his partner, Manuel. Greg is excited to move into the city with Manuel. Since he isn’t out to his parents, Greg is delaying living life more openly as a gay man until he’s moved away. However, his plans to keep things quiet are thwarted when his mom and dad show up unexpectedly to help with the move.

Pixar's First LGBTQ+ Short Film "Out" is Now Available on YouTube

Greg shoos Manuel away so that he can deal with his parents on his own and remain in the closet. Then, an unexpected body swap with his dog, Jim, happens, and the bizarre occurrence opens up more opportunities for him to learn more about what his parents think of him and find the courage he needs. 

“Out” is a magical and quirky story about love, acceptance, and being yourself. It’s exactly the kind of thing that will bring a smile to everyone – little kids included – this Pride Month.

The video includes an introductory message from Steven Hunter, the writer and director, and Max Sachar, the producer.

“About a year ago, our SparkShort film “Out” came out on Disney+ on Harvey Milk’s birthday,” Hunter said. 

“It was kind of just one of those happy coincidences, you know, celebrating not only the birthday of our film but [also] the birthday of someone who has meant so much to the LGBTQ+ community.” Sachar continued. 

They talked about how surreal it was to write and work on a story like this for Disney, especially since it included a kiss between the couple. “I’d never seen two guys kissing in a Disney movie,” said Hunter.

“Making this film was definitely, hands-down, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” added Sachar. “Not just in my career, but in my life.” Before the film starts, they both greet the viewers a Happy Pride Month. 

Disney still has a long way to go when it comes to doing its part in portraying queer characters on the silver screen. There still hasn’t been LGBTQ+ representation in any of Disney’s feature-length theatrical releases beyond background and supporting characters vaguely alluding to their sexuality in passing. 

Hopefully, feats like this short – along with the more explicit representation in Disney+ shows like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and The Owl House – is a step that brings us closer to seeing more queer stories on the big screen. 


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