PSA: Nevertheless Park Jae-eon is a Walking Red Flag

Are you team potato or team butterfly? If you answered the latter, you might want to reconsider.

Park Jae-eon portrayed by Song Kang in the K-drama Nevertheless has earned a bad rap on the internet. The character is described as a walking red flag because of how manipulative he tends to be. People who come to his defense say he’s just a misunderstood guy, but we’re here to warn you about pretty boys like him.

He is a flaker

From the first episode, it was clear that Jae-eon was bad news for Yu Na-bi. He flakes on his blind date and spends the rest of the evening with a girl named butterfly — something he has a strong affinity for. Their encounter might have been fate, but it was still inconsiderate of him to cancel his date last minute. It signals that he’s not respectful of other people’s time.

He is a player

Na-bi’s friend Oh Bit-na advised her to stay away from Jae-eon because he’s not the dating type. He’s closed off and pushes people once they get too close with him, which others may interpret as mysterious and cool. While commitment issues are not a red flag per se, this indicates he has unresolved trauma he needs to work on. Na-bi, on the other hand, just broke off from a toxic relationship and deserves someone loyal to her.

He gives mixed signals

Sincere guys will not have you second-guessing their intentions. Even though they initially agreed to keep things casual, they should have communicated their boundaries to avoid further complications. Instead, Park Jae-eon is love bombing Na-bi with last-ditch efforts to keep her in his palms. Just because he’s unsure of his feelings for her, it doesn’t mean he has the right to toy with hers.

Sadly, stories like these happen in real life where people get blinded by love and deliberately choose to ignore red flags. We can’t blame Yu Na-bi for falling like a guy Park Jae-eon that’s charming and talented, but looks can obviously be deceiving.  When given the chance to walk from a situation like this: RUN.


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