Rakenrol, a film-slash-“love letter to the local music scene,” is now on Netflix

Rakenrol 2021
(Image frrom Facebook: Rakenrol/Reality Pictures)

In the middle of a depressing era in history where live music has been shunned from the stage to the sidelines, here comes a piece of good news to those who miss the local gig scene: Rakenrol is now on Netflix.

The news was confirmed by the film’s director, Quark Henares, through a tweet. 

Poster for the 2011 film "Rakenrol."
(Image frrom Facebook: Rakenrol/Reality Pictures)

Released in 2011, Rakenrol is a coming-of-age rock comedy that navigates through the wild meanderings of the local underground music scene: forming a band, landing a gig, shooting a music video, and making your passion work for you. It follows two music-obsessed best friends Odie (Jason Abalos) and Irene (Glaiza de Castro) in their journey to form their own band, Hapipaks. Joining their rock-and-roll group is a trigger-happy campus bully (Alwyn Uytingco), an ex-punk barista (Ketchup Eusebio), and a child star-turned-band manager (Matet de Leon). 

The film is co-written by Sandwich guitarist Diego Castillo, and stars Diether Ocampo, Ramon Bautista, and Jun Sabayton. The film also features cameos from local bands and artists such as Ebe Dancel, Urbandub, and Ely Buendia, as well as now-defunct gig venues such as NU107, SaGuijo’s Admit One, Mag:Net, and more.

Whether you have been a fan of OPM bands now or since the film was released, it hardly matters — music is universal, and the local gig scene will always tug any fan’s heartstrings. Have fun reminiscing!

Watch the trailer of Rakenrol here:

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