Returning “iCarly” Characters We Spotted In The Reboot Trailer

Paramount+ released the trailer for the highly anticipated “iCarlyreboot on the morning of June 2, 2021 (PHT), just two weeks before the premiere of the show.

Now that we’re so close to seeing new episodes featuring a grown-up Carly, Freddie, and Spencer, we can help but look for any connection to the original series in the trailer. If you’ve seen the trailer more than once, you might have noticed some familiar faces (and items) that are returning for the reboot. Here are the ones we spotted in the trailer:

1. Mrs. Benson

Freddie’s mother, Marissa Benson, is back and seems to be as crazy, loud, and loving as before. In the trailer, Freddie was seen talking to a girl inside the Shays’ apartment, when his mother loudly announced that she’s already prepared his milk.

“Freddie! I put your warm milk in your thermos next to your bed,” she said. Embarrassed, Freddie tells the girl, “So we’re done here?”

mrs benson
Photo: YouTube/TV Promos

2. Nora Dershlit

The web show’s craziest fan (Mandy Valdez with the duck hat just comes in second) is the chicken-loving girl Nora Dershlit. She was seen in only two episodes of iCarly, “iPsycho” and “iStill Psycho,” but she made a mark as one of the group’s worst enemies.

We spotted Nora with Spencer, who accidentally shocked himself with the taser he was holding.

nora dershlit
Photo: YouTube/TV Promos

3. Principal Franklin

Carly’s kind and supportive school principal is also returning for the reboot! Principal Ted Franklin was the very first character we saw in iCarly, (“iPilot”) so we’re glad to see him again. 

In the teaser, Principal Franklin could seen attending a party at Carly’s apartment.

principal franklin
Photo: YouTube/TV Promos

3. Nevel Papperman

The number one critic and enemy of iCarly is back. Nevel Papperman had no lines in the trailer but he was seen pressing on a remote control button–reminds us of the time he locked Freddie in a purple robot costume in the episode “iHalfoween!” Yikes!

nevel papperman
Photo: YouTube/TV Promos

Although Sam and Gibby are not coming back, we’re still happy to see some old iCarly characters join Carly, Freddie, Spencer, Harper, and Millicent in the revival. We’re also thrilled that the theme song, apartment, studio, and props (Baby Spencer’s crib and Bottle Bot!) are making a comeback as well.

Watch the full trailer of the reboot below:

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