Saving Sally will be available on Netflix this month

If you were not able to catch the movie “Saving Sally” in theatres, here’s another chance to see it! Rocketsheep Studio confirmed that the 2016 film will be available on Netflix across Asia and possibly in Europe this October 15.

“It should be available all across Asia & quite possibly Europe as they took our French subtitles,” the company behind the ‘little film’ stated.

The live-action animated movie took ten years and several setbacks before finally landing a place in the local movie scene. In 2016, “Saving Sally” was included in the official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). However, the film was not widely shown in cinemas nationwide and only had a limited viewing.

“Saving Sally” tours the world

After showing in the Philippines, the film got featured all over the world and received prestigious awards from international movie film festivals. “Saving Sally” was shown in Japan, South Korea, Los Angeles, New York, Portugal, and Italy among others.

As early as 2019, several local films dropped on Netflix and “Saving Sally” still wasn’t on the list. They then released a statement asking their avid supporters to help them be included on Netflix.

“When we made Saving Sally, we thought all we needed to do was complete it (no matter how long it took) & everything afterwards would be easy,” Rocketsheep Studio wrote.

“While we managed to get it in Philippine Cinemas on our own back in December 2016, got selected in film festivals around the world & won a lot of awards – we were never able to translate that to mainstream box office numbers & an international distribution,” they added.

“This is because the business of film is an entirely different game which we do not even know how to play. That said, we know there are more folks who would enjoy our film, but the places where to see it have been limited–so we hope you can help us to get a platform like Netflix​ to consider showing our film by filling up the form on this link.”

A year later, the supporters’ request was finally granted! 

“Saving Sally” follows the story of Marty (Enzo Marcos), an aspiring comic book artist who admires Sally (Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor. They live in the same town and Sally would soon be Marty’s center of the universe. 


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