FreebieMNL - Spook yourself out with Globe Studios’ ‘Nandito Sila’

Spook yourself out with Globe Studios’ ‘Nandito Sila’

FreebieMNL - Spook yourself out with Globe Studios’ ‘Nandito Sila’

Who says you have to wait for Halloween to get spooky? People are drawn to things they can’t understand. This may explain why humans are so drawn to horror movies and jump scare films.

Well, you don’t have to go on Netflix, HBO Go or other popular streaming platforms to get your horror fix. You can multitask and spook yourself out with Globe Studios’ latest podcast. Nandito Sila is a podcast series where nine guests recount their first-hand experiences with the natural, supernatural, spirits and “taong dinemonyo.” 

If you listen to the trailer, you’ll notice there’s a disclaimer not to try anything at home and statements saying the guests’ experiences will be remembered for a long time. This is because their stories are based on real life encounters. How exciting, right? 

Every episode is around 12 to 13 minute each, so it’s an easy listen. The first episode is called The Host, which sets the stage for Matteo. He talked about his experiences as a property surveyor in the city of Manila. Ultimately, these experiences turned him from skeptic to believer. Maybe his experience will convert your skeptic friends as well?

The second episode is called Lucky Numbers, and it’s basically about a person whose job was affected by the pandemic. He then resorted to subscribing in lucky Number Codes to help his finances. 

What stories will they feature next? Well, you have to wait to find out. It’s best to expect the unexpected, and just enjoy the show. 
Listening to this spooktacular podcast will surely pump you up for your next scream flick binge or when you exchange creepy encounters with your friends. You might even draw spirits to you so you can experience one yourself. Globe Studios’ Nandito Sila is available on Spotify and Google Podcasts.


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