Stop solving the ad and try out this RC Cola filter on Instagram instead

Screenshot from YouTube: RC Cola Philippines

Before December started, the Philippines’ corner of the Internet was rocked to its core when US soda brand RC Cola released their eye-numbing, mind-boggling, 90-second advertisement that has since garnered more than 3.7 million views on YouTube and almost 8 million views on Facebook. 

Many tried to solve it, others tried to spoof it, but ultimately, GIGIL, the ad agency who’s also behind this recent and equally zany and cheesy ad, stepped in to say: the ad was like that just because — basta!

So let’s stop racking our brains for an explanation and turn our heads (no pun intended) towards this new Instagram filter that lets you recreate the ad’s “heart-warming” scene:

Created by VR/AR and game developer Teejay Jamlang, the filter seemingly lifts your head up to reveal a 1-liter RC bottle attached to your body. As they say, it takes one to know one. 

Go ahead, try out this RC Cola filter on Instagram if only to see how your decapitated body looks.

And just in case you needed more laughs today, here are other unconventional ads by the wacky brains behind RC Cola’s ad, GIGIL.

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