The First Reviews for WandaVision are In, and They’re Full of Nothing but Praises

Ever since WandaVision was announced along with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s packed slate for Disney+ back in 2019, Marvel fans have been dying to watch the series. Now, people who are itching to see how the MCU is further exploring Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s characters and relationships in the new show will get to do so with the series premiering this weekend. 

WandaVision Early Buzz: Marvel's Series Is Funny, Sharp and Innovative —  /Film

Not much is known to the audience about the show. While comic book fans who have followed the two characters’ arcs in the source materials probably have good guesses, even the premise is something that the cast and showrunners haven’t elaborated on that much either. So, that just makes the wait for the release all the more exciting. 

Over the past weekend, though, select reviewers were invited to watch the show ahead. And everyone seems to be more than satisfied with the first of the Disney+ original series. Many are saying that the show exudes a specific brand quirky humor and delightful weirdness that they haven’t seen out of the MCU so far, and that this “genre-bending” addition to the phase 4 slate is one that will not only bend the genre but enrich it as well. 

Here are just some of the spoiler-free praises reviewers are singing about WandaVision so far:

Everything reviewers are saying are leading us to believe that this show – a superhero series that is also simultaneously an homage and parody of classic sitcoms – is more than just promising. It’s been over a year since we’ve had any Marvel releases, but we’re more than ready for its return, especially if it’s getting kicked off with the riveting breath of fresh air everyone is promising WandaVision to be. 

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