The ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot’s Characters Have Finally Been Revealed, and We’re More Than Thrilled!

Looks like we’re not yet done with the New York elite we got acquainted with through our TV screens back in 2007. Since the announcement of the Gossip Girl reboot, fans of the original series have been brimming with anticipation. These past few months, we’ve been dying to know more about this new take on the show, and now the cast of characters has finally been revealed!

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It has been over eight years since the show ended, yet the characters of the original are still so iconic and unforgettable. So, getting a glimpse of the band of Generation Z private school teens that are replacing Serena, Blair, and all the personalities that made the show what it was is pretty exciting.

The names of the main characters, along with a word that we’re guessing hints at what they’re going to be like or what their story arc is going to be about, were finally revealed. Here’s the new generation of Upper East Siders we can’t wait to meet!

Julien Calloway: INFLUENCE

Monet de Haan: POWER

Luna La: STYLE

Max Wolfe: FREEDOM

Audrey Hope: GRACE

Kate Keller: AMBITION

Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV: PRIVILEGE

Akeno “Aki” Menzies: INNOCENCE


Not much is known about the reboot, but these characters already seem to exude the power and class that defined the group everyone knew from the original series. Also, the fact that we’re getting all the excitement and drama true to the franchise but with more diverse characters and stories and a transformation of the Gossip Girl brand to fit today’s social media is making us more than thrilled. 

While there isn’t an official date yet, HBO Max has confirmed that it will premiere this 2021. 

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