The Internet isn’t Happy With the Teaser of Netflix’s Winx Adaptation, Here’s Why

Rebooting and adapting childhood favorites is one of the surefire ways to get people interested in a release, and studios are definitely not shy about using that to their advantage. 

The guaranteed publicity, however, isn’t always positive. Touching beloved franchises makes any change that much more prone to negative feedback. The Internet isn’t happy with the teaser of Netflix’s Winx adaptation, here’s why.

The latest victim of this is Fate: The Winx Saga, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Winx Club. Here are the main reasons why:

1. Where’s Tecna?!

Tecna | The Winx Wiki | Fandom

Tecna is probably the most distinguishable one for many because of her bright purple pixie cut. Because of this, people were quick to notice when they couldn’t spot her in the trailer at all, even in the group shots including all the other girls. While it isn’t confirmed that she won’t be on the show, the fact that she and any hints of her are missing from the promo are concerning fans, especially those who have claimed the Fairy of Technology as their fave. 

2. Another Case of Whitewashing?

Fans are also criticizing the casting choices in the adaptation because of supposed whitewashing. One of the reasons is Elisha Applebaum, who plays Musa. While people still aren’t sure if the actress is caucasian or has Asian roots, fans argued that, either way, Musa is clearly East Asian and her character design is inspired by Lucy Liu, who is Chinese and isn’t mixed raced.

The discussion around casting Eliot Salt as Terra is also getting backlash. It’s unclear if she’ll be treated as Flora’s live-action counterpart or as a completely different character. Neither option is satisfying fans, though. Salt playing Flora (who has darker skin in the original cartoon and is designed after Jennifer Lopez, a Latina) would be considered whitewashing. On the other hand,  fans also hate to see a favorite being replaced by a completely different character. 

3. A Fashion Miss 

The wardrobe of the Winx cartoons was iconic for a reason. Its funky Y2K fashion defined not only the aesthetic of the show but also the characterization of the girls. Winx is about teenage fairies who manage to be the embodiment of all things sparkly, fashionable, and hyperfeminine without any of that diminishing their power, wit, and intelligence as heroes. Their fashion was a huge part of what reeled kids into this magical world where they were able to both cheer for their favorites while gawking at all the glitter and glam.

So, when Netflix traded in the platform shoes and boots, loud patterns, stylishly kitschy jewelry, and bright crop tops for muted colors, monochrome un-accessorized fits, and plain fabrics? The internet immediately complained. 

4. The Riverdale Treatment 

Ever since Riverdale, people have been calling out Netflix for taking fun and upbeat kids’ stories like the Archie comics and Sabrina the Teenage Witch and turning them into dark and edgy shows with a cast so much older than the original characters. Judging from the trailer, Winx didn’t escape this phenomenon either.

Instead of a show full of glitter, colorful outfits, a rainbow palette world design, a pink school, and childlike wonder, the adaptation is already being marketed as a gritty teen drama where the magical elements of the show are being toned down to look more muted and realistic. For everyone who wanted the full magical fantasy that didn’t hold back on the splendor, youthfulness, and sparkles, what we’re getting from the trailer so far is disappointing.

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