This ad featuring a talking block of cheese will make your day

Imagine a talking block of cheese hanging out in a park. What kind of activities would this block of cheese be up to? And why does this block of cheese have red specks on its body?

In a series of advertising spots for Danes Cheese, independent agency GIGIL answers the above questions. The series places the talking block of cheese in different situations where he has to explain why he has red specks on his body. From mistaking them as bruises to assuming they’re paint flecks, each encounter revels in tongue-in-cheek humor. The answer to the red speck is simply this: Bacon ‘Yan.

GIGIL’s ads never fail to make me laugh. The humor is uniquely Filipino and it is often self-aware that it pokes fun at itself. Another example is their ad for Orocan Koolit Cantina where they advertise the product in a humorously truthful way.

GIGIL’s ads are so good that you won’t mind they’re trying to sell you a product! 

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