THIS is what Benedict Cumberbatch has to say about Netflix in this ‘uncertain time’

You may know Benedict Cumberbatch by his roles in big movie and series productions such as Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes, but the British star is actually very thrilled at that momentum of content streaming giant Netflix amid the pandemic.

As per, the 45-year old star was “thrilled” over Netflix‘s role in the film industry, but added that streaming services still had to support cinemas.

“We live in a very uncertain time,” he said. “We’re a variant-hair’s breadth away from all this — being in a cinema — not being possible again. I’m kind of thrilled that we have somebody who’s going to get the work seen. Netflix is very supportive of a film industry that involves creatives at every level and also at the end, a cinematic release — for a period of time.”

Cumberbatch made this comment at the Venice Film Festival where his latest, Netflix-backed movie The Power of the Dog is competing for the Golden Lion. As cinemas slowly open in many countries after being forced to halt operations due to pandemic restrictions, Hollywood has been deeply torn over whether to keep releasing films on streaming services alongside traditional theater releases.

Cumberbatch explained that streamers need to keep the cinema experience alive, and said he was confident that Netflix was striking the right balance. “The people who work for Netflix are all cineastes, we’re all filmmakers, we all want to have that communal joy that we’re hopefully going to have tonight,” he said. “Culturally, it’s really important for streaming services to help nourish that. As long as it really is happening and not their version of greenwashing — I don’t know what the phrase would be — as long as it’s not just good talk, then great.”

Given that cinemas in the country have yet to reopen amid the pandemic, content streaming sites such as Netflix have provided Filipinos with fresh entertainment. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep the arts alive.

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