Unconventional Dating Shows to Watch on Netflix

After being quarantined for so long, it’s only natural to start craving social interaction. You’re probably bored out of your mind after swiping left and right to no avail of a serious connection and need something worthwhile to temporarily fill the void. Check out some of these unconventional reality dating shows on Netflix to keep you entertained.

Sexy Beasts

Would you date someone that looked like an animal or mystical creature? Sexy Beasts revolves around masked strangers who go on blind dates in hopes of finding someone they can truly be themselves with. The make-up and prosthetics only come off at the end of the episode when the bachelor or bachelorette decide on their match.

Love is Blind

Love is Blind challenges the participants in this show to find someone they’re compatible with based on personality alone. Couples communicate through a literal wall, going through several speed dates until they find someone they want to settle with. They don’t come face to face until after the proposal, which leaves plenty of room for imagination (and disappointment).

Love Island

Suspense, drama, and romance are all the things you can expect from Love Island. It’s all fun and games when single Islanders come to the villa to pair up until those who coupled up risk being dumped from the island. Contestants not only get a chance to find love, but the winning couple also gets to win the cash prize. This franchise will keep you occupied for days, with multiple seasons to go through.

If reality dating shows are your guilty pleasure, you’ll be delighted to know there’s more where that came from. Similar titles you can find on Netflix include Too Hot to Handle, Dating Around, and MTV’s Are You the One? Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about romance from your binge watches.

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