FreebieMNL - Voice actor Inka Magnaye defends Liza Soberano's ‘monotonous’ Trese dub

Voice actor Inka Magnaye defends Liza Soberano’s ‘monotonous’ Trese dub

FreebieMNL - Voice actor Inka Magnaye defends Liza Soberano's ‘monotonous’ Trese dub
(Images: Instagram: @lizasoberano; Netflix)

How well did Liza Soberano really fare on her first voice acting stint? Let a 20-year voice acting veteran tell you.

As praises towards Netflix’s recently released Trese surged in, so did an equally large deluge of disapproving comments towards Liza Soberano and the voice she lent for the series’ Filipino dub. Apparently, many were unimpressed as Liza’s voice acting to them sounded flat, monotonous, and poorly represented that hardy Filipino diction, even going as far as saying that her urbane tone might have fit the English dub better.

One such soul that didn’t think so, however, was veteran voice actor Inka Magnaye, who made her thoughts over Liza’s dub known on her Twitter page. Through a series of tweets, Magnaye made a case for the actress’ Trese stint by sharing her honest observations and saying that Liza’s voice was “perfect,” but could still do with constructive comments.

Apart from deflating claims that Liza’s voice acting was monotonous, Magnaye also stated that the dub could have been better if the latter was guided inside the recording booth better, seeing as Liza is an actress by craft and not a voice actress per se.

Magnaye, who has other two decades of voice acting under her belt, also commended Filipino-American Shay Mitchell’s English dub. Comparing the delivery of the two languages, she added that Liza could have employed the same style, but only if she got enough practice along the way.

As a bonus, Magnaye even did a trial dub of Liza’s lines in the series. 

Finally, Magnaye hailed her fellow voice actors who lent their voice to the groundbreaking series. She then voiced out her desire for future animated projects to cast more experienced voice actors since “it’s their realm” and it’s a way of showing support for true Filipino talent. This isn’t, however, a call to replace the current cast of Trese, but simply to support the craft of local voice artists.

Magnaye hails from a family of voice artists. Her mother, Lindy Magnaye, had been the voice artist of Philippine Airlines for several years, while her aunt, Neneng Magnaye-Arceo, was the voice behind the iconic MTRCB advisory we hear before every TV show and movie. Her brother, Renzo, is also a radio host on 99.5 Play FM, where Inka previously worked as a DJ herself for eight years.

Trese, Netflix’s first original animated show, is based on a crime-horror comic book by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. It’s set in Manila and deals with the ghastliest creatures from Philippine folklore who live in hiding among humans. Featuring the voice of Liza Soberano for the Filipino dub, the show premiered last Friday, June 11, and has been topping Netflix’s most-watched chart since. Voice actor Inka Magnaye defends Liza Soberano’s ‘monotonous’ Trese dub


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