WATCH: Kirsten Stewart nails Princess Diana’s accent in new trailer for “Spencer”

WATCH: Kirsten Stewart nails Princess Diana's accent in new trailer for "Spencer"
(Screengrab from YouTube: Neon)

Stewart’s portrayal of the beloved British royalty is spot-on.

We’re still less than a month away from the premiere of Pablo Larrain’s Spencer, but already people are buzzing about whether Kirsten Stewart will do the role of Princess Diana justice. For those of you who are likewise wondering, the first full-length trailer of the upcoming biographical drama has dropped to settle the debate: yes, Stewart not only succeeds but flourishes as the beloved British royalty.

The latest clip from Spencer delves into Princess Diana’s daily struggles and failed attempts to dodge the glitz and glamour that comes with royalty. Arriving at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate to partake in Christmas festivities, the Princess of Wales steels herself for what’s ahead: pestering paparazzi, emotionally exhausting expectations, and keeping up the cheerful front — at one point she is reminded to “stand very still and smile a lot.”

As the weight of it all bears down on Princess Diana, she is compelled to confront her fate: “fight them… you are your own weapon,” she is told towards the end of the trailer.

Watch the trailer below:

Spencer, which earned rave reviews that called Stewart’s performance “divine,” delves deep into the psyche behind Princess Diana’s decision to split from Prince Charles, played by Jack Farthing, during that auspicious holiday season in 1991. While the film doesn’t entirely follow the flow of history, its vision of what could have happened takes from true-to-life elements.

Joining Stewart and Farthing are Sally Hawkins, Olga Hellsing, Amy Manson, and Niklas Kohrt as various members of the British Royal Family and its associates. Larrain directs the film based on a script by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight and prouced by Neon and Topic Studios.

Spencer premieres in theaters on November 5.

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