WATCH: Mimiyuuuh teaches rapper Saweetie Filipino slang

Internet sensation and O/C Records artist Mimiyuuuh joining forces with rapper and “Tap In” hitmaker Saweetie for a Filipino slang tutorial is the kind of content we never knew we needed. 

Warner Music Philippines recently tapped Mimiyuuuh to do an interview with Saweetie to teach her popular local slang as she gears up for her collaboration with Doja Cat called “Best Friend.” 

But for Mimiyuuuh, it wasn’t just an ordinary interview because she happens to be a huge fan of the American artist. 

She said: “I’m really honored to be interviewing you right now because I really love listening to your music. It makes me feel like a bad b**ch that can conquer the world. You know what I’m saying? Periodt!”

Mimiyuuuh started off by teaching Saweetie with the Filipino slang for best friend. 

After revealing to Saweetie what the word means and how it’s often used in everyday conversations, the “Back To The Streets” hitmaker used it in her own words and said: “How are you, bes? C’mon bes!” 

Apart from “bes,” Mimiyuuuh also taught Saweetie other Filipino slang such as “petmalu,” “lodi,” “werpa,” “keri,” and “awit.”

But for Saweetie, her most favorite Pinoy slang would probably be “momshie” because according to her, she finds it “cute.”  

“My favorite slang is momshie, so far. I don’t know. I like the way it sounds. ‘What’s up, momshie or ‘Hey momshie,’ ‘It’s okay, momshie’. You know, it’s like cute,” she said.

Born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, Saweetie is no stranger to Filipino culture as she Filipino blood runs through her veins. In fact, the word “susmaryosep” isn’t new to her. 

“Each time I got in trouble, my Lola goes ‘susmaryosep’. And she says I’m maarte,” Saweetie shared.  

Watch the video below: 

Mimiyuuuh, who sported a pink short hair, received a compliment from the ICY GRL herself. 

“Imma have to copy your hairstyle girl ‘cause I like that,” Saweetie told Mimiyuuuh. 

Meanwhile, Saweetie ended the interview by showing love to her Pinoy fans. 

“Shout-out to all my momshie, to all my bes. I love you guys so much. Mahal kita,” Saweetie said.

Imagine the two artists working together on one track in the future. That would be a total riot, wouldn’t it? But yes, one we would definitely want to hear. Right, bish? 


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