Where in the World is YOU’s Madre Linda Located?

In Season 3 of Netflix’s YOU, the Quinn-Goldberg’s have packed their belongings and relocated to the suburb. They left the city to settle down with baby Henry to the affluent neighborhood of Madre Linda, San Francisco, where tech entrepreneurs and blogger mommies thrive. After watching the series, you might be wondering where to find the suburb.

Where in the World is YOU's Madre Linda Located?
Photo: Netflix/YOU

Is there actually a place called Madre Linda?

The answer is no. Even though Madre Linda is fictional, the show’s creators took inspiration from an actual Northern California suburb. Silicon Valley, for example, is a popular neighborhood in the region, full of innovative individuals who love their athleisure and hacking their way through productivity.

The show’s fictional suburb name could also be a combination of Yorba Linda and the Sierra Madre. The former is reportedly the richest city in the U.S., while the latter is recognized as one of the safest places to reside in California. This makes Madre Linda sound like a haven to live in, minus the murderous neighbors.

An Allusion to Fresh Starts and Parenthood

Madre Linda can also be a reference to Love and Joe’s relationship this season. The name roughly translates to “beautiful mother” in Spanish, aptly alluding to their transition into parenthood. They both have different approaches to raising baby Henry, so it’s interesting to see how it all plays out in the end.

“This is a show that explores how quick we are to forgive men and how quick we are to judge women,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells Bustle. “We can have Love do crazy things but also have her make what I think are really strong points about being a mother and a woman and how impossible it is to please the world when you’re trying to raise a child.”

Season 3 of YOU was filmed in Los Angeles, with most of the scenes shot on the Warner Brothers backlot. Love’s “A Fresh Tart” bakery is located on French St. of the studio’s lot, to be exact.

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