Where is Rose Vega from ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Now?

The American reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé has been known to bring on the most comedic and cringe moments that only reality TV can bring. It revolves around foreigners who apply for fiancé visas and meet their American partners in order to marry — or not — in 90 days.

The show is undoubtedly full of reality TV drama, as couples endure culture shock, language barriers, and skepticism from friends and family, all in the name of love.

While there have been a number of surprising 90 Day Fiancé couples (some of which are still together today), nothing quite comes close to the season 4 loveteam that was Ed and Rose.

Where is Rose Vega from ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Now?
Image from TLC

The couple went viral in 2020 when Ed, a white man in his 50s, flew to the Philippines to meet Rose, a single Filipino mother in her 20s, to take their online relationship to the next level.

What ensued was a meme goldmine.

The Internet went wild with Ed’s poorly masked culture shock and blatantly offensive comments; he not only asked Rose to take an STD test (despite not wanting to take one himself), but also asked her to shave her legs and gifted her mouthwash for her “not pretty” breath.

As expected, he didn’t have many fans.

On the other hand, social media seemed to love Rose, who would often have a strong retort to Ed’s comments, accompanied with killer facial expressions.

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Image from TLC

Their love story culminated in an episode where Ed revealed he did not want to have children, a sentiment not shared by Rose, who dreamt of having two more kids. She blasted him for waiting until he was in the Philippines to tell her the news.

Despite their separation, Rose still made something of the show with her newfound fans. She currently runs a Youtube channel with a whopping 738,000 subscribers. Her videos rack in thousands of views, with many supporters showing their love for her and her son in the comments.

Photo from Rosemarie Vega Youtube

The content on her channel mostly consists of life updates, from her new house to her new gigs, as well as her daily life with her family.

Rose, or Rosemarie Vega, has since considered her success a blessing: “That was God’s way for me to achieve the life I have today.”

She also told VICE that fans can expect a lot more from her. “Even I’m getting excited to find out what life has in store,” she said.


Aside from her Youtube channel, the 25-year-old has started up her modeling career and has even appeared on GMA’s “Stories of Hope” segment.

“I’m happy if people use me as a motivation to reach their dreams,” she said. “Like I’ve reached mine.”

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