Who’s the Voice Behind Olmec in Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot?

The Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot finally aired its first episode on October 10, 2021, and we’re lowkey envious of the players. They get to live their childhood dreams of pacing through jungle obstacles for a chance to win prizes. What’s more is Dee Bradley Baker reprised his role as the voice of Olmec, the talking headstone.

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Photo: Tina Thorpe/The CW

What are some of the changes in the reboot?  

The popular 90s game show was revamped for The CW. This time, the participants are adults (instead of children) venturing into the temple, the set is outside rather than a studio in Orlando, and Cristela Alonzo is taking over Kirk Fogg’s role as the host.

Other than that, the series kept its original team names, the challenges, and of course, Olmec.

How did Dee Bradley Baker get the role?

In 2017, the voice actor revealed to AV Club that he used his “best basso profondo” for the character. He figured it suited the big and authoritative voice they were looking for during the auditions and stuck with it for the years to come.

“When we asked Dee Bradley Baker to return as the one and only Olmec — our giant talking stone head, and he said, ‘Let’s Rock,’ that was all I had to hear…Olmec lives!” executive producer Scott Stone remarked about his reprise.

Who Controls Olmec?

You might be surprised to know that Baker is not only the voice behind the stone head, but he also controls Olmec. “You know, he’s in the statue where we shoot! He actually controls the statue!” Alonzo said in an interview with CBR. “We did that because that’s what he did in the first version of the show. He controls the statue; he moved it. So, we had to do that again in this version. He was on sent with me the entire time!”

Dee Bradley Baker was the voice behind Olmec from 1992 to 1995, totaling three seasons and 120 episodes on Nickelodeon. His voice acting credits also include dozens of characters from shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, American Dad, and most recently, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Art Daniella Sison

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