FreebieMNL - Why Gossip Girl Reboot Won’t Have Cameos of the OG Cast

Why Gossip Girl Reboot Won’t Have Cameos of the OG Cast

The cast for the Gossip Girl reboot was revealed earlier this year, and it looks like we’ll be seeing some familiar faces. Unfortunately, for fans of the original show, it won’t be any of the series regulars like Serena van der Woodsen. This was a decision that was made earlier on and creator Joshua Safran believes it was the right thing to do.

New Show, New Characters

When asked by The Daily Beast if any of the original Gossip Girl cast will make appearances, Safran clarified why this wasn’t happening. “The audience would never accept these characters if they were in the shadow of the original characters.” He continued saying the audience might lose interest in the new cast if, for example, Nate showed up.

Not Enough Screen Time

Another reason why they couldn’t include series regulars in the reboot was that there is more cast in now. The original had 7 regulars and 12 recurring, whereas this will have 16 and 22, respectively. “If Blair showed up for two scenes, you’d say, “I want more Blair,” says Safran. Considering this is a bigger show, there won’t be enough screen time for everyone if they included more Constance alumni.

Season 1 Cameos

Safran clarifies that they haven’t ruled out the possibility of reaching out to the original cast if the time comes. “The decision was: Let’s get Season 1 under our belt, and should we get Season 2, we’ll have the chance to bring in cameos that are more than glorified cameos, but actually give them storylines.” People from the original show will make an appearance — just not the series regulars.

Still set in the Upper East Side, the Gossip Girl reboot focuses on how social media influences this next generation of super-rich kids. Check out the teaser if you haven’t already and get acquainted with Julien, Monet, Luna, Max, Audrey, Kate, Obie, Aki, and Zoya.

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