Why Netflix’s Start-Up is a K-Drama to watch out for

It seems as if Netflix has become our savior in this time of social distancing because they keep churning out content. While all of them may not suit our tastes, it’s no secret that Filipinos are in love with k-dramas. A k-drama consistently ranks in Netflix’s weekly ranking of most-watched shows and you’ll definitely see at least one Netflix Original drama on that list. 

Recently, Start-Up keeps ranking as one of the most-watched shows every week and there’s a good reason for it. We’re only at Episode 6 but the drama has me at the edge of my seat. 

While it’s not rare for k-dramas to feature love triangles, the one in Start-Up is written into the story so well that you can’t help but ship the main character with both the second and the male lead. Nonromantic pairings also make this drama. It’s nice to see the ensemble of characters interact with each other because Start-Up features full-fledged characters, not one-dimensional ones. 

Even though I just mentioned the romantic pairings, another good thing about Start-Up is that it doesn’t revolve around the love story, no matter how well written that part is, because the characters in it are all chasing their dreams in one form or another. It’s a nice show to watch for those who are chasing their own dreams as well. It’s also interesting to learn about the corporate and tech industries as they serve as the backdrop to the story.

Overall, the writing and pacing of Start-Up make this one to watch out for. Korean dramas tend to have filler episodes to reach that 16+ episode count but as of writing, Start-Up is off to a strong start. It seems to have a clear idea of where it’s going and I can’t wait to see how it’ll end. 

New episodes are up on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday night! 


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