Wish granted: Christopher Lloyd joins live-action Rick and Morty teaser

Back to the Future fans can finally sleep easy now.

Wish granted: Christopher Lloyd joins live-action Rick and Morty teaser
(Screengrab from Adult Swim)

On Friday, a fresh teaser for Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty dropped and it fulfilled one nagging wish that the show’s fans have had for years: to feature Christopher Lloyd as the eponymous mad scientist Rick Sanchez in the series that has spoofed Back to the Future since its inception.

The 14-second clip sees Lloyd as Rick and Jaeden Martell (It, Knives Out) as Morty popping out of an inter-dimensional portal inside his garage. He then burps out a signature belch and says to Martell: “Morty, we’re home,” to which the impressionable teen quips his usual “aw, jeez.”

Meant to promote the show’s Season Five finale which aired on Sunday, the nice nod didn’t give any clue as to whether the brief fan service would figure in an appearance in a future episode in an imminent sixth season or a full-blown live-action spin-off … or if it was just a one-off thing like how the show has so often done in the past. 

Either way, Lloyd’s feature just scratched a major itch on the backs of long-time fans. The same people would know the Back to the Future parody called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti, which basically animated Lloyd’s lab coat, wild “mad scientist” hair, and time-traveling tendencies as Doc Brown.

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(Image: Adult Swim; Universal Pictures/Amblin)

Considering the show’s writers have recently wrapped up penning episodes to last until the seventh season, Christopher Lloyd crossing over to this universe could still happen. Never say never, right?

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