Your Guide to Which 2020 Netflix Faves are Officially Renewed for More Seasons

From new series to returning seasons, 2020 was a year full of binge-worthy Netflix shows that kept us company while we were in quarantine. If you’re wondering which ones you should still be keeping tabs on for newer seasons, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the world’s favorite 2020 Netflix original shows that have been renewed so far.


Your favorite Spanish YA drama will be back for two more seasons, so you’ll definitely be getting all the answers you’ve been craving from this mystery soap. In fact, Netflix officially confirmed a fourth and fifth season even before the third season premiered last March 2020.

Umbrella Academy

The jaw-dropping season 2 finale cliffhanger we all saw had all of us wanting more of this chaotic, apocalypse-inducing superhero family. Thankfully, Umbrella Academy got renewed just a few months after the second season’s premiere last July 2020. 

Emily in Paris

Everyone on the internet either loved or loved to hate Emily in Paris, one of the biggest Netflix shows of 2020. Well, the impact of this show – and all the discourse about culture and fashion that came with it – paid off, because we’re getting another season of Emily!

Sex Education

Since the show’s season 2 premiere last January 2020, Netflix has not only confirmed season 3 but also dropped content showing behind the scenes glimpses of the cast starting to film again. So, we’ll probably see more of Otis and his friends sooner than later!

The Crown

The Princess Diana-filled fourth season drew even more people to watch this historical drama in 2020. If you’re dying to see more of the fictionalized British royals, you’ll be glad to hear that season 5 is confirmed. Sadly, though, this season will also be the last. 

Never Have I Ever

This show’s first season premiered in April 2020 and immediately won the hearts of viewers with its wit, exciting love triangle, exploration of family and culture, and touching coming-of-age story. So, everyone’s thrilled that we’re definitely getting a season 2!

Love is Blind

Enjoyed this guilty pleasure blind dating show filled with romance and drama that premiered last year? You’re in luck because Netflix has long confirmed that it will be back for two more seasons! In fact, the second season is confirmed to be released within this year. 


A 2020 Halloween hit on the platform, this origin story of Mildred Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest had everyone delightfully disturbed and wanting more when it premiered. So, it’s no surprise that Netflix has already confirmed it for a second season!


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