YouTuber MrBeast is Planning a Real-Life Squid Game Event

YouTube content creator, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, is planning his version of Squid Game. It was all incited from a TikTok post in which he swore he would recreate the show if he got past 10 million likes. With over 26 million followers on the platform, it wasn’t a farfetched request, and he reached the goal within no time. This is undoubtedly one of his most ambitious projects to date.

YouTuber MrBeast is Planning a Real-Life Squid Game Event
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Another Squid Game Event

The said post has received 17 million likes and counting. While he figures out how to reenact the games minus the killings, it shouldn’t be too hard to find contestants to dress in green tracksuits and white vans. Here’s what he has gathered so far about how to execute the challenges and plan the whole event.


It’s in your hands tik tok

? Squid Game – Carrot

How will he pull it off?

“I’m gonna go all out on the IRL Squid Game video, give me a month to gather 456 random people and recreate all the sets 😭,” he tweeted. “In my version of Squid Game, how should I do the tug of war game? Since they’ve all seen Squid Game, they’ll know when I tell them to pair up in groups of 10 what it’s for. Seems eh. What do I do?” he pondered.

An idea seemed to have struck him shortly after when he tweeted, “Nevermind, figured it all out this is gonna be wild lol.” MrBeast revealed it looks like it will cost over $2,000,000 to produce the content, making it his most expensive video. Viewers know him for the stunts, challenges, and giveaways uploaded on his channel, and he currently has 71 million YouTube subscribers.

Among those interested in participating include online personalities Spencer X, Marcus Olin, and Devante Wilson. MrBeast will also choose random TikTok followers to compete in his Squid Game and fly them out for the competition.

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