All Eyes on WEi: The Next K-Pop Group To Follow

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You’ve probably got a lot of favorite K-pop groups already, but here’s another one you should add to your list!

WEi (pronounced “wee eye”) is a six-member South Korean boy group launched by Oui Entertainment in October 2020. The group is composed of members Jang Dae Hyeon, Kim Dong Han, Yoo Yong Ha, Kim Yo Han, Kang Seok Hwa, and Kim Jun Seo. Since their debut six months ago, they have already released two mini-albums, “Identity: First Sight” and “Identity: Challenge.”

All Eyes on WEi: The Next K-Pop Group To Follow
Photo: Instagram/wei__official

The members of WEi are all experienced when it comes to the entertainment industry–they’ve already been part of different groups before! Daehyeon is a former member of RAINZ; Donghan used to be in JBJ; Yongha was in 1THE9; Junseo and Yohan were part of X1. Meanwhile, Seokhwa was a former trainee under JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

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Photo: Instagram/wei__official

With all their previous experiences, they’ll surely bring a lot to the table and unite many fans from their previous groups! Get to know the extremely talented members of WEi below:

1. Daehyeon

Daehyeon is the leader, main rapper, and the oldest member of the group. Aside from being a great performer, he’s also a good cook, so his roommate and fellow member Seokhwa probably enjoys good meals all the time!

His former project group, RAINZ, debuted in 2017 but disbanded after just a year. In 2019, Daehyeon debuted as a solo artist with the release of his album “Feel Good.”

2. Donghan

Donghan is the lead vocalist and main dancer of WEi. He was part of another six-member group named JBJ (Just Be Joyful) which debuted in 2017. Just like Daehyeon’s former group, Donghan’s group also disbanded in 2018. Aside from JBJ, he was also part of a dance group called DOB.

3. Yongha

Yongha, the lead rapper and vocalist of WEi, used to be the leader of the boy band 1THE9. The group was composed of the Top 9 contestants of “Under Nineteen,” a survival show where aspiring performers below the age of 19 were trained and given the chance to debut as members of a K-pop group. The group separated in August 2020, just two months before WEi’s debut

4. Yohan

Yohan, who wants to be an “all-rounder” is definitely a multi-talented guy! He’s currently the lead dancer, lead vocalist, and sub rapper of WEi. In his former band X1, he was the lead rapper, center, and face of the group.

Yohan is also an actor who currently plays the lead role in the Korean version of “A Love So Beautiful.” Furthermore, he is set to join the upcoming series “School 2021” alongside Kim Young Dae and Cho Yi Hyun. Yohan also dabbles in hosting and is currently one of the presenters in the music television program “The Show.”

5. Seokhwa

Seokhwa is the main vocalist of WEi who previously trained under JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. He also appeared in YG’s survival show “TREASURE BOX,” but was unfortunately eliminated in the show’s ninth episode. After his stay in YG, he transferred to Oui Entertainment, his current agency.

6. Junseo

Junseo, the Maknae (a.k.a. the youngest member in the group), is WEi’s lead dancer and vocalist. Like Yongha, he was also part of group 1THE9 as the lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper, and visual. Junseo and Yongha officially became a part of WEi on August 11, 2020, making them the last two members to join the group.

Has anyone caught your eye yet?

For more of WEi, check out their debut song “TWILIGHT” on Spotify or watch the music video below:

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