Ariana Grande Teases New Album by the End of October, Here’s What We Know So Far

If there’s anything music lovers learned this quarantine, it’s that a pandemic just can’t stop our faves from putting out new content. Despite concerts and tours being put on hold, 2020 has seen a lot of new releases from big names in the industry. Coming up next, apparently, is Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album. 

There were no fancy promotional videos or graphics to announce her upcoming album. Instead, she just tweeted “i can’t wait to give u my album this month” out of nowhere, and fans went wild.


Ariana Grande hasn’t dropped any official details since the tweet. The only thing set in stone so far, according to her announcement, is that we’ll at least be hearing her album before October ends. 

Based on this tweet that she liked, though, it seems pretty much confirmed that we’ll also get to hear a single that she’ll be dropping before the whole album drops.


She also posted a cryptic video on her Instagram. It shows her typing the word “positions” on a keyboard, leading fans to believe that this could either be the name of the album or the lead single that she’s releasing before it. 

On her website, “POSITIONS” is written in all-caps with two countdowns below it. The first one counts down to October 23, and the second to October 30. Fans are speculating that these will be the release dates for the lead single and the full album respectively. 


This won’t be the first content she’d be putting out during quarantine. Earlier this May she released “Stuck with U,” a charity single in which she collaborated with Justin Bieber. She was also featured on “Rain on Me,” Lady Gaga’s chart-topping single from Chromatica. However, while getting to hear Ari on any track at all is already a treat for fans, nothing beats a full-length album from your fave. 


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