ARMYs Upset At Big Time Rush Carlos’ Comment About BTS

Earlier this year, Big Time Rush shocked its fans as they announced their comeback. It’s been eight years since their hiatus, and they’re now making rounds on social media to promote their special promotion slated for the end of this year. However, things might not be smooth sailing for these boys as one of its members upset BTS fans with a comment on an Instagram Live.

ARMYs Upset At Big Time Rush Carlos' Comment About BTS
Photo: Instagram/Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush consists of four members: Kendall Schmidt, James, Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos PenaVega. They were formed in 2009 and starred in a Nickelodeon television series of the same name, rivaling Disney’s JONAS starring the Jonas Brothers. Even so, Kendall answered he wouldn’t mind if their band would collaborate with them.

The other boys didn’t seem to agree, Logan stating it would be “a lot of voices on the track.” Carlos agreed, saying, “It would be a lot of dudes on the stage.” Logan quickly withdrew his comment, pointing out why it wasn’t such a bad idea. “Actually, the Jonas Brothers (3) with Big Time Rush (4) would be the same [number] of members as BTS (7). That’s some basic mathematics.”

Kendall assumed there were nine members, which was a forgivable mistake. It was Carlos’ comment about the BTS that made ARMYs upset. “I don’t even know. I couldn’t name one BTS song — that’s what’s terrible. I have no idea,” he exclaimed. At least James knew they were the artists behind the international chart-topping hit, Butter. He even sang Dynamite to give Carlos a hint. Carlos eventually recognized the song, confessing he thought, “that was a girl.”

The rest of the boys were clearly unsettled by this comment, and Kendall tried to stir the conversation away by saying it was a good song. Logan followed suit, informing them that their friend, singer-songwriter, and producer Jenna Andrews helped write both songs. Fans expressed on Twitter how unnecessary Carlos’ comment was but are glad the other members recognized BTS’ talent.

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