Billie Eilish accused of queerbaiting, using racial slurs and mocking Asian accents

Billie Eilish accused of queerbaiting, using racial slurs and mocking Asian accents

When you have 87 million followers on Instagram and 30 million followers on TikTok, your followers are bound to dig up some dirt from your past.

That’s exactly what happened to Billie Eilish, who has been accused of mocking the Asian accent and using racial slurs through the aforementioned social media sites.

Through a compilation of undated clips visibly featuring the “Bad Guy” hitmaker, TikTok user @lcxvy accused Eilish of saying the word “chink,” a derogatory slur directed towards people of Chinese descent, as well as imitating the Asian accent. In one of the clips, Eilish’s brother Finneas can be heard calling her out for speaking with a “blaccent,” or a black accent.

While these claims caught fans by surprise, some argued that her cusses are caused by her Tourette syndrome, a disorder that causes sudden and involuntary movements our sounds called “tics.” Eilish admitted to having the disorder back in 2018; however, she also disclosed that she exhibits physical tics, not verbal.

The revelatory TikTok comes just days after Eilish was also accused of queerbaiting when she posted on Instagram a slew of behind-the-scenes snaps featuring the females from her “Lost Cause” video.

With the caption, “I love girls,” Eilish’s post threw her followers into a frenzy, with some of them suggesting that the 19-year-old has confidently come out. However, some were wary of her action and deemed it queerbaiting, or the act of attracting queer audiences as a marketing strategy despite not identifying as queer themselves nor affecting real change among the community. 

With the lack of response from Eilish’s end, fans continued both speculating and calling the singer out. One comment under her heated post read: “Funny she is posting this in June, pride month. Bestie you better not be queer baiting,” while another user who shared the photos on TikTok wrote the caption: “’Acting sexual with girls to draw in more audience is gross.”

The seven-time Grammy winner has yet to address either allegation.


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