BTS’ Jin teases an upcoming collaborative track with Coldplay

The Korean superstars seem to have started a collab streak with British artists.

Fresh off the heels of their collaboration with British musician Ed Sheeran, K-Pop boy group BTS is now teasing forthcoming music made in a team effort with a certain British rock group: Coldplay.

In a casual conversation with fans on the V Live broadcast, BTS’ Jin answered questions about their forthcoming music. 

“There is about one and a half songs. There’s one song, and then there’s a half of one that is still in the works,” replied Jin per Allkpop. “There’s one where we’ve referenced a source, and I think if we keep working, more songs will be ready. But there are no plans to release anything immediately.”

He also hinted at an upcoming unofficial track that will feature a “famous celebrity” from overseas.

“There are ones that have been made official and there are ones that haven’t been made official yet, but there is a famous celebrity whom I’ve always loved. They are an artist from overseas, and there was some good discussion. There might be some good news involving this celebrity soon,“ said Jin, who then presented a Polaroid photo taken by bandmate Taehyung of him and the unnamed talents. However, the faces were hidden.

But that wasn’t a hindrance to hardworking BTS fans who want to prove their theory. Though the faces were covered, some eagle-eyed social media users were keen to notice that some details seem to resemble Coldplay’s vocalist Chris Martin.

Raising previous rumors, fans have also speculated that the foreign artist that Jin is referring to is Coldplay. Last April, Martin was reported to have visited South Korea, with social media users supposing he flew in to talk to a certain K-Pop group.

Then, last July, Warner Music Korea confirmed that BTS will in fact be featured in one of the songs — “My Universe” — off Coldplay’s upcoming studio album, Music of the Spheres, set to come out on October 15. There had also been leaks of the track audio which seem to hint at vocals by BTS’ V and Jungkook. 

However, this has not been confirmed by BTS’ label, Big Hit Music, whose only response to the rumors was saying that “It’s difficult to confirm the related content.”

Should the rumors become reality, then it would be anything but surprising. The positive bond between the two bands has been apparent since BTS covered Coldplay’s classic hit “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged last February. Not only has the video racked up more than 22 million views on YouTube, but it has also garnered the approval of Coldplay, which retweeted the performance and wrote the Korean word for “love” in its caption. 

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