Check Out BTS’ Concept Photos and Clips for Their Upcoming Album, ‘BE’

The release date for BTS’ upcoming album, BE, is drawing closer and closer and ARMYs can’t be more excited. Fans have been itching to hear the album since it was announced last September, especially because this will be the first album where the boys won’t just be making music but will also be taking charge of the album’s whole production. 

This includes the concept of the album, and while we are yet to see (and hear) the whole vision they have in store for us, BTS has been teasing ARMYs with concept photos and clips that make the wait more exciting. 

First Looks

The first look we got of the album’s concept was released two weeks ago: a group photo of the boys sitting in a blue room, wearing a mix of formalwear and loungewear and surrounded by their instruments. It was then followed a week later by a couple of videos of the group taking turns to look into the mirror. 

Solo Concept Photos

From November 1 to 7, BTS released concept photos of one member for every day of the week. Every photo showed the member sitting in a room that was designed according to their individual personality and interests. To ensure that each solo photo authentically portrays who they are, each member chose their room’s colors and how to decorate their space.

After the last of the solo photos were released, they also dropped another concept clip with a grid-type layout showing nine videos at once. Two of the videos are group clips and the rest that surround them are clips that show the boys lounging and moving about in their individual rooms.

When is the album dropping?
All these teasers are definitely making it harder and harder to wait for the album release, but thankfully we don’t have to wait that much longer. BE is dropping on November 20, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! They’ve also announced that the lead single is titled “Life Goes On” and that they will perform it at the 2020 American Music Awards on November 22.


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