Lo-fi, a dark horse in the hip-hop music scene, has become a phenomenon in recent years for its ability to set a certain mood and ambience with just a couple of creative beats and remixes. The genre has often been cited as good study or relaxation music, helping people to sharpen their focus and escape the troubles of everyday life.

In appreciation of lo-fi music, we invite you to take a chill pill in the midst of the June showers and check out this list of popular lo-fi tracks. Who knows? You just find the next song to add to your “chill-hop” study playlist.

sagun, “I’ll Keep You Safe” (2017)

Chill Playlist for Lo-Fi Lovers
Photo from Spotify

Grab a cuddle buddy because this is the ultimate lo-fi song to get cozy to. The entirety of this track is composed of smooth beats and the repetitive lines “I’ll keep you safe in these arms of mine/Hold on to me pretty baby and you’ll see,” making it the perfect background music for a comfy and romantic date. 

eevee, “m i s t” (2017)

Photo from Spotify

With oriental and traditional notes that accompany the beat, “m i s t” will have you picturing yourself staring up at a bright blue sky on a breezy summer day, or sipping on hot cocoa in the dark mood of the rain. The track doesn’t have much of any lyrics, but like most lo-fi songs, it’s still a vibe.

potsu, “i’m closing my eyes (feat. shiloh)” (2017)

Photo from Spotify

In this simple song layered over a super relaxing beat, you’ll hear of a lover who laments the loss of his ex, who seems to have moved on with another man. The song is nothing complicated but it’ll definitely have you in your feels.

idealism, “controlla” (2017)

Photo from Spotify

Borrowing the tune of Drake’s 2016 hit, “Controlla,” idealism’s lo-fi version is certainly catchy just like the original. Though it’s a softer, more poignant remix that will maybe have you contemplating your life as you look out your car window.

ocha, “It’s Going to Be a Good Day” (2020)

Photo from Youtube

Another lo-fi track with a borrowed tune, ocha’s “It’s Going to Be a Good Day” takes the main melody from the 2008 single “Good Day,” a certified gold song from the Southern hip-hop group Nappy Roots. Ocha’s version retains the original’s happy-go-lucky vibe but effortlessly adds a bit of a more refreshing, mellow pizzazz for listeners who are feeling more content and peaceful with life.

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