Connect with Friends Using Spotify Blend

Have you tried Spotify Blend feature? It’s an awesome new feature that the streaming platform added that allows users to create a shared personalized playlist for you and a friend. The music streaming platform rolled out the beta version back in June 2022, and it’s been a welcome experience for those who love curating and finding new music.

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spotify blend
Photo: Spotify

What are Blend Playlists?

Spotify launched Blend Playlists as a new way for two users to combine their musical tastes into a personalized shared playlist. The added feature makes it even easier for users to connect, discover, and bond over the music they love, according to their press release. Blend also includes new cover art, taste match scores to compare listening preferences with friends and sharable data stories.  

How to Create a Blend Playlist

Chances are, you’ve already seen a pop-up for the feature when you opened the app. But in case you didn’t catch how to set it up, here’s a quick guide on how to get started with your Blend playlist.

  1. On the Spotify mobile app, tap “Create Blend” in the Made for You hub.
  2. Then, tap “Invite” to send a prompt to your friend to join your Blend playlist.
  3. When your friend accepts, Spotify will create a custom cover art and a playlist for both of you that merges your listening preferences and tastes.
  4. Tap “Share this story” at the bottom of your screen to share your Blend results across your social media channels.
spotify made for you
Photo: Spotify

Your Blend Playlists get updated daily, and the songs are adapted based on what the listeners are currently streaming. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and learn more about them, and it also makes road trips with friends even more enjoyable. No more fighting over who gets the aux cord! Plus, you can relive those shared memories and share a part of yourself through music.

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