Paws and Play: Meet The Cute Inspirations Behind These 5 Spotify Artists’ Music 

Sometimes, behind every successful artist is a… fur pet.

Artistry interweaves with inspiration insofar that music, for example, is just as good as the level of ingenuity used to create it.  Such a claim can be gleaned from how five Filipino Spotify artists crafted meaningful discographies from the bonds that they share with their darling inspiration—their fur pets. 

Adie, G22, Nik Makino, Noah Alejandre, and SB19 along with their irresistibly cute cats and dogs are front and center of music-streaming platform Spotify in celebration of National Pet Day last April 11. 

These Spotify artists individually took over top Spotify playlists—extending the cuteness passed through lyrics as photos, videos, and personal features allowed listeners to delve deeper into the thick bonds between them and their furry friends. 


Spotify artists

Hot Hits playlist had “G.K.Y.A.M.” singer Adie on its cover. With him is a British shorthair cat named Fez– shy as it looks but surely does love belly rubs and snuggles. According to Adie, “Fez is a distraction when I write, record, or arrange music because of how adorable he is! Even so, he is one of the main drivers for me to continue creating good music.” So it seems Fez deserves a shoutout too for Adie’s piercing lyrics. 


Spotify artists

OPM Rising playlist featured G22—a fast-rising girl group who brought us the hit “Bang.” All looking cozy around their arms are their own pets they call “P22.” And so it seems talent is shared as Jaz’s poodle named Ozy can actually make mean dance moves when the hit track is playing. Bianca’s shih tzu, Nugget, may also be a musical prodigy as the dog usually bonds with Bianca over a guitar. 

Alfea, on the other hand, takes pride in her bullet cat, Moji, who is affectionate and empathetic. Alfea shares, “Kapag kalmado ako, kalmado din siya. Kapag happy ako, he also feels the same. So, whenever I’m sad, he’s also there being sad with me.”

As for AJ, she cannot ask for anything more soothing than her British shorthair, Kira. “Kira’s trait that makes me the happiest is whenever she comes close to me and starts purring — very relaxing siya for me,” shares AJ.

Nik Makino 

Spotify artists

The KALYE Hip-Hop cover is nothing short of playful as “MOON” singer Nik Makino posed wackily with his dog, Saver. There appears to be a deep understanding between him and his pet as the singer attests to the dog’s innate sweetness. “Madalas busy ako sa work, sa gigs, and in all things I do for rap, but Saver never fails to make me feel how much he loves me—even if we’re just doing our usual walks. He is the sweetest golden retriever,” says Makino.

Noah Alejandre

Spotify artists

Noah Alejandre and his dog Nido took the word “endearing” to another level as the cover of Tatak Pinoy playlist. With “Nahuhulog Na Sa ‘yo” as one of the playlist tracks, the song’s lyrics perfectly reflect Noah’s relationship with Nido. As how it goes, “Napapangiti mo ako kahit ‘la ka namang ginagawa.” 


Spotify artists

There are prominent names we immediately recall when we say P-Pop on the Rise, and SB19 is one among those who rightfully deserve the title. With them on the cover are their feline friends who stand as living reminders that rest is essential for their career. Pablo, for example, has a cat named Ponky whose presence usually calls him to ease up a bit despite daunting schedules.

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True enough, pets play an integral part in an artist’s creative process, regardless of how chaotic they can be. Be it a distraction or an inspiration, an unexplainable feeling is shared and always fuels.

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