David Archuleta Returns With “Be That For You,” His First Romantic Song In Years

David Archuleta is back with a new romantic song!

The “American Idol” alumnus recently released the song “Be That For You,” which is quite different from his music in the past few years. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a romantic song. We wrote ‘Be That For You’ to be a more light-hearted love song,” David said on his website.


Just like he did in the visualizer for the song, he hopes the song would make people dance as well. “Wanted it to be vibey and moody yet make you dance. I hope you like it,” he added.

David Archuleta Returns With "Be That For You," His First Romantic Song In Years
Photos: Instagram/davidarchie, davidarchuleta.com

David’s latest album “Therapy Sessions” was released in 2020 and had songs written about his internal struggles. “There has been a movement with understanding oneself, going to therapy. I’ve been one of those people on that train and been discovering a lot about why I have these battles in my head, and how to separate myself from the negativity that can flood the mind a lot,” he said.

The album was also described as his “most honest chapter yet.” “A lot of [the songs] are basically the conversation I had with myself, where I’m trying to move forward, but I’m fighting a lot of the worries and negativity that I feel towards myself,” David said in an interview with Billboard.

Prior to “Therapy Sessions,” he released a Christmas album called “Winter in the Air” in 2018, which peaked at the number 6 spot on the Billboard US Top Holiday Albums chart. A year before this, he released “Postcards in the Sky,” another special project for Archie since it’s his first album that had songs all co-written by him.

Do you miss listening to David’s romantic songs like we do? Check out “Be That For You” on Spotify and watch the official visualizer for the song below:

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