Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift’s ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ Video

Taylor Swift is working double-time this week. Just three days after the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), she drops the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me,” and it’s got plenty of Easter eggs. The video, directed by Blake Lively, stars Miles Teller as a man haunted by his past — namely a vindictive ex-lover. Continue reading to find out what we unveiled from the video.

The Wedding Cake

There’s a lot to unravel in the wedding cake scene alone. If you look close enough, you’ll see the numbers 13 and 26 on the top layer. This represents her favorite number and the number of this track on the album, respectively. Some say 26 could also allude to how old Swift was when 1989 came out.

The frosting features a motif that resembles Taylor’s Red logo ring, which she wears on the cover of the rereleased album. It’s also embossed with seagulls that resemble the sweater on the album cover of 1989.  Not to mention, the cake was red velvet, which could be a nod to the video for “Blank Space.”

wedding cake
Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

The Red Gift Box

If the box looks familiar, it’s because Taylor uploaded a reel on Instagram showing all of the outfits and accessories for the set. You might have noticed the packed in another location, too. The package was seen behind Sadie Sink when she blew out her birthday candles in the “All Too Well” short film.

Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

The Red Scarf

The infamous red scarf has been the talk of the town since the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” came out. Taylor offers the bride the garment in this new video, which could symbolize one of two things: 1. She’s moved on from the relationship, or 2. She’s cautioning the bride about the groom.

red scarf
Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

The Top Hat

Another ode to the Red era is the top hat Taylor used for her magic trick at the children’s table. The topper is like the one she wore during the 2013 concert, which was accessorized with a red sequined band. She then pulls a rabbit out of the hat that anyone who ever attended the Red Tour would recognize.

top hat
Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

The Red Gown

Taylor wears multiple red outfits in the video, including the dress she teased in the countdown video. Towards the end, her white gown turns crimson, reminiscent of the one she wore on the deluxe edition cover of Speak Now. The scene is also evocative of her “Mean” music video, in where she performs the guitar with a band behind her.

red dress
Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

“Starlight” Lyrics

At the end of the credits, she wrote, “And to all of our families who supported us as we dream impossible things.” The line is a reference to “Starlight,” a song from the Red album. We’re not putting it past Taylor if this is a hint to an upcoming music video.

Credit: YouTube/Taylor Swift

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