Everything You Need to Know About Nadine Lustre’s Upcoming Album

The release of Nadine Lustre’s upcoming album, Wildest Dreams, is drawing closer and closer. While she’s done several collabs and dropped many singles in the past years, this will be her first full-length album. This comes six years after her EP, Nadine Lustre, so it’s definitely exciting to see what she has in store with this record. 

Here’s everything we know about Wildest Dreams so far:

It’s dropping by the end of the month
Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait much longer. The whole album will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms on October 31, which is also her birthday!

It’s coming with a visual album
Wildest Dreams will be released along with a visual album on YouTube that’s made up of six music videos. The videos are meant to form a sort of short film that depicts Nadine’s personal journey.

James Reid and Haissam will be part of the album
Nadine has said that James Reid has been a big part of her upcoming album’s production. However, other than being very hands-on as a producer, he will also be featured in one of the songs. Another artist to be featured on one of the tracks is Haissam, who’s part of Careless as well.

She’s showing more vulnerability 
Nadine shared that working on the album and writing many of the lyrics gave her the opportunity to “get in touch with [her] emotions” and “unearth issues” she hasn’t confronted before. As a result, the tracks are deeply personal and we can expect to get a better picture of her journey as she reveals herself through her music.

A few of the tracks on the album are about self-love, growth, and resilience. There will also be a track about Isaiah, her brother who passed away back in 2017, called “Save A Place.”

All in all, the album is promising to be an intimate look into who she is as an artist and person, so it’s understandable why her fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for it to drop. In the meantime, though, you can listen to the album’s lead single with the same name, Wildest Dreams, which has already been released. 


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