Inigo Pascual, Ben&Ben appear on South Korean channel Arirang

Two Filipino artists with a solid fanbase across different countries in Asia – including South Korea – appeared at this year’s Simply K-Pop Con Tour streamed via South Korean channel Arirang last Monday, May 3. 

Inigo Pascual was the first to appear expressing his gratitude for the chance to appear at the grand event dedicated to Filipino fans.

“Well, of course, it made me proud that they chose the Philippines for one of their stops – knowing that they have so many K-Pop fans in the Philippines. I, myself, am a K-Pop fan. So, I’m very happy and very proud that Philippines was chosen,” Inigo said. 

He also shared that he is a big fan of K-Pop music, saying: “Such a big fan. To be honest, I’m a big fan of so many different artists. And I could say that a lot of my work are heavily influenced with K-Pop artists – my style, my music. And I’m a big fan of the production. So, I mean, I would say that a lot of things that I do are heavily influenced by K-Pop.” 

Aaward-winning local folk band Ben&Ben, on the other hand, surprised fans with a social media post announcing an appearance hours before the event.  

Hosted by two members of the K-Pop group The Boyz, Ben&Ben performed the song “Leaves” which has garnered a lot of attention among South Korean fans. 

Apart from giving a short performance, Ben&Ben also did an interview – answering a number of questions including a confirmation that a new album is coming soon. 

“Well, last year, we decided to move in together for the first time. So we’re now living together in one house. And we’ve been doing lots of stuff. Of course, new music. We’ve been recording a lot of songs. We’re upcoming up with an album,” one of the members of Ben&Ben said. 

The nine-piece group also took the opportunity to thank fans who have shown support to their K-Pop song covers.

“We’re happy that the fans and listeners of these groups – yours included – appreciated the covers and we want else but to give justice to these songs. And we really had a lot of fun. And we’re glad they had a lot of fun as well,” Ben&Ben said. 

Several K-Pop acts performed at the show including ENHYPEN, AB6IX, ONF, MINZY, OnlyOneOf, BIBI, Lim Seo Won, GreatGuys, NORAZO, NTX, SORAN, DONGKIZ, MAJORS, KEEMBO, and SeoSungHyuk. 


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