‘It’s crazy’: ‘Binibini’ hitmaker Zack Tabudlo still overwhelmed with release of hit song’s English version

Zack Tabudlo has come a long way after his stint in “The Voice Kids” as he finds his way into the international music scene following the success of his hit single “Binibini.” 

During a virtual regional press conference attended by journalists across different parts of Southeast Asia, the Island Records artist shared how he feels about having achieved his dream to have his music heard outside the Philippines through “Binibini (Last Day on Earth).”  

“It’s crazy. Until now, I’m just overwhelmed with everything that’s been happening not just for this track but overall – with the music that I’ve been creating and everyone just accepting and just showing their love through my music. It’s been awesome,” he told FreebieMNL. 

He then expressed his gratitude towards singer-songwriter James TW for having given the chance to work with him on the English version of the song.

“I genuinely say this: James, I’m so honored to be in this track with you, man. I adore your music and I love how passionate you are with your music,” he said.

When asked if he feels pressured to release another hit after the mainstream success of “Binibini,” Zack said he’s “just happy” to be able to slowly achieve his goals. 

“To be honest with you, it’s just more of me enjoying the opportunities and like everything that’s been happening to me right now. I’m just really blessed and I’m just very happy with what I have now,” Zack told FreebieMNL. 


“It’s like the more I kinda get to my goals slowly getting there, I kind of humble myself and with my family guiding me, it’s been like a ride that I have to stoop low every time I get to the top. It’s been very fun,” he added. 

“I’m just having fun creating music, releasing music. And I’m just very fortunate to even be writing music, you know, given the situation right now – releasing this international release is crazy. So yeah, I’m just very happy with whatever’s gonna happen,” he continued. 

James TW, on the other hand, took the opportunity to weigh in on how artists pursue their passion for music regardless of whether or not commercial success. 

“I think everyone who’s a music artist, at one point in their life, wrote songs just because they wanted to and because it’s their passion regardless of whether it’s a job or not. And I think we’ll always have that. And for that reason, it doesn’t actually matter about what happens commercially or successfully. I would write songs even if I had a different job for the rest of my life,” he said. 

Meanwhile, a DJ from a local radio station asked Zack whether or not a sequel to “Binibini” is in the works with many left hanging about what exactly comes after the “dance in the rain.” 

“There’s something cooking at the moment. I can’t or anything. I’m gonna get in trouble. But something’s cooking up definitely after “Binibini.” There’s kind of a storyline for everything. That’s all I have to say for now. 

Tabudlo’s Tagalog version of “Binibini” currently has more than 27 million streams on Spotify while the English version of the track with James TW has more than 500,000 streams on the music streaming platform as of this writing.  

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