Joe Jonas Says He Would Like to Re-record First Jonas Brothers Album “Like What Taylor Did”

Turns out no amount of break-up songs about him present on the album could keep Joe Jonas from appreciating and getting inspired by Fearless (Taylor’s Version). In an interview with Buzzfeed, the second oldest Jonas brother expressed his desire to do what his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift is currently doing: re-recording and releasing old music. 

Joe Jonas Wants to Re-Record the Jonas Brothers' First Album |

When asked what song from the Jonas Brothers’ discography he would pick if they could re-record a track, he didn’t choose just one. “I think I would probably re-record our entire first album,” Joe answered. “Just do something like what Taylor did recently, which I thought was really clever.”

The Jonas Brothers debut album Joe mentioned is It’s About Time, which was released back in 2006. It contains fan-favorite hits such as “Mandy” and “Year 3000.” 

In the past two years, Swift has talked a lot about re-recording her old works so that she can finally own the music she created. Last April, she finally released the first of the re-recorded albums, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and it made an already iconic – and Grammy-winning – album even more of a hit. 

This isn’t the first time that someone from the Jonas family expressed love for the new and improved Fearless either. Even Joe Jonas’ wife Sophie Turner took to Instagram to talk about how good Mr. Perfectly Fine – a song on the album that’s rumored to be about Joe and Taylor’s 2008 breakup – was. “It’s not NOT a bop,” Turner wrote on her Instagram story of her listening to the track. 

While Joe seems to just be talking in hypotheticals at the moment, it isn’t too much of a stretch to guess that people would love a re-recording of It’s About Time. It’s been 15 years since its release – that’s two years before Fearless – so the improvement in both the vocals and production will definitely make a huge difference. There’s no doubt that OG fans would be happy to hear an even better version of the Jonas Brothers music they first fell in love with. 


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